by Oden Hetrick in 1970

You haven't really lived until you have learned to use all of your seven senses.  these powers of perception and reception were given to Adam and Eve for their full enjoyment of Eden's pleasures. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they lost most of their ability to enjoy pleasure, and we, their descendants, are not fully aware of the abilities they lost. Our faculties will all be perfect in Heaven, but here on earth, even though we do not find perfection, we can learn the proper use of the seven senses we will use to enjoy the eternal delights of God's house.

First, we find that the senses, see, hear, smell, touch and taste are not fully defined by the word "physical". This is evident by the fact that a person can see what he is dreaming about while his physical eyes are closed in sleep. Furthermore, by the spiritual nature of our soul (thoughts and imaginations), we can see, hear, feel, etc., without using the physical members of our body. Genesis 2:7 says when God breathed into man he "became a living soul".  Does a dead body have physical sense? No!  When death separates body and soul, the powers of spiritual senses go with the soul.

Five of the seven spiritual senses are called "physical" because they can, at certain times, be conducted by the body to the soul or spirit inside.  A glove conveys the sense of touch to the hand inside even though the glove without the hand is lifeless.  The powers of spiritual senses in reality, belong to the never-dying soul.    The senses you use while your body is senseless in sleep, are the same senses you will use when your body is senseless in death.  Let's look at Luke 16.   The rich man died and his soul was in hell.  Yet he could feel the torment, could see and recognize Abraham.  Lazarus, who also died, and was in Abraham's bosom, evidently had a finger that could touch.  Abraham could hear the rich man, and could talk to him.  The rich man also remembered (had knowledge) of his brothers on earth.

The other two spiritual senses that make up the seven, are little known because they operate between spirits and not through the physical body.  These two spiritual powers are obscure because they were almost lost when Adam and Eve lost fellowship with God and were put out of Eden.  For these reasons it is difficult to find names that fully explain these powers of sense, and it will require some thought to grasp their operations.

Putting the seven senses in order the first one is anticipation (premonition) also called desire, and foreknowledge.  This is the preparatory sense.  By it we receive the knowledge of what is going to happen so we can be prepared.  By this sense we also receive impulses from God to do good, like a good idea, or impulses from satan to do evil.   (Heb 5:14  "...those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.")  Next in order are the five action senses, see, hear, smell, touch and taste, that may operate through the physical body.  The seventh sense is the power of perception, described by words like realize, become aware, understand, etc., by phrases like "it finally dawned on me,"  "I became conscious of the fact,"  etc., and by the term -- mental telepathy.  This is the satisfaction sense.  It enables us to realize and enjoy reality.  This is the power of perception that in Heaven, allows us to know as we are known.  In I Corinthians 12:8 it is called "the word of knowledge".

Now observe the operation of the seven senses in the following illustration.
Many people were invited to a banquet.  Some desired to go, but some refused.  Desire and anticipation were the mental preparation that made it possible for those attending the banquet to more fully enjoy the operation of their action senses.  After a delightful time at the banquet, seeing the smiling faces and lovely displays, hearing the soft music and friendly conversation, smelling the irresistible aroma of good food, tasting each delicious morsel, touching and feeling the festive spirit of the occasion, they returned home with the mental satisfaction of an evening well spent.  One couple was not at the banquet because unexpected friends dropped in.  Being mentally prepared for a banquet -- not company -- the evening brought no real satisfaction to this couple.

Disappointment is part of earthly sorrow, but it never enters Heaven.  For in Heaven the loving Spirit of God harmonizes all activities by placing His gentle commands on the minds of those present as preparatory desires.  These desires are always fulfilled by the expected activity, that in turn, always produces the mental satisfaction of reality realized.  (mental satisfaction of realizing and enjoying reality)

One final illustration: The Holy Spirit of God reveals a person's lost condition by the Scriptures "all have sinned",  and "the wages of sin is death"  (Romans 6)  This knowledge of being unfit for Heaven brings a real "premonition of doom".  This warning causes those who are wise to make the necessary preparation for eternity.  Jesus is the only one who can bring joy and remove guilt, give peace in place of fear, and lead the way to Heaven.  But you must first respond by saying,  "Jesus, remove all disobedience from me, make me love right things, and lead me in the way everlasting."  If you are sincere, the Spirit of God will give you joyful satisfaction of knowing His forgiveness and sensing His love.

Those who are not restored to fellowship with God are very susceptible to evil influences.  Satan attacks people through their spiritual senses by the psychic craze over ouija boards, spirit mediums and extra sensory percetion (ESP).  "Extra" sensory refers to the senses beyond those commonly called physical.  These spiritual senses are not "extra," they are an important part of all of us, but they need to be awakened by God in order for us to fellowship with Him here, and live in His eternal abode hereafter.  Satan has deluded many by psychic phenomena which prevents their worship of the Most High God/Yahweh.

The Spirit of God imparts the reality of eternal life directly to the spirit of the sincere seeker by awaking his spiritual senses to know God.  (The Spirit [of Yehovah/God] Himself  witnesses with our spirit, that we are the children of God Romans 8:16)  At this moment the believer becomes alive to spiritual things and is restored to fellowship with God.  In this new relationship the believer is able by the power of a renewed mind (awakened spiritual senses) to commune with God in spirit and in truth.  The only way our eternal spirit can commune with God is by our spiritual senses, not by the senses that operate through the physical body.

"But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him.  God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."     John 4:23-24


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