from David
  son of Oden Hetrick
      from Joyful Star
  daughter of
     Oden Hetrick
Did you know, that the Father in Heaven loves you?  Did you know that the Bible says He prepared a beautiful and exciting place for you to live forever, even before He created the earth?  The streets are gold, there is a crystal River, and fruit trees with juicy, sweet fruit to eat.  The Heavenly Father would be delighted to have you live with Him there!

This is Joyful Star, daughter of Oden Hetrick. I traveled and sang for many years with my Dad, Mom and siblings, known as the Singing Hetrick Family.  I also taught Good news Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship, was Bible teacher at christian youth camps, and Vacation Bible Schools for various denominations during those years.  We were encouraged by our parents to study the Bible and have regular prayer times.  As I learned to know God intimately, He began to show me things of Heaven.  Some of these things I have shared in a book titled "Heaven and the Gracious King".  It is available on the OFFERS page. You will find excerpts from the book on the READ page.  The Spirit of Jehovah/God controls and harmonizes everything in Heaven, that is why it is such a peaceful, joyful place!

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Here is Grama Hetrick,  Oden's mother with some of her grandchildren
Our Dad was her firstborn son, and in his childhood she would sing this song to him.
verse 1
Visions of Angels Happy and free
Out of the twilight coming to me
While in this earthland sadly I roam
Seeking my far off Home.
verse 2
Heavenly echoes out of the past
Leading me onward while life shall last
Voices of loved ones gone on before
Come from that far off shore.
verse 3
Come in the twilight Come, come to me
Visions of beauty over the sea
Cheering my pathway while here I roam
Seeking my far off Home.

Interesting, exciting, edifying insights about our powerful and loving God, and the beautiful, eternal Home He has prepared

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We are sharing the
Testimony of Heaven
as told by our Dad, Oden Hetrick
and his daughter, Joyful Star

From earliest childhood, my Dad, Oden Hetrick knew that he was being watched over by an invisible guardian angel. He knew that he was delivered many times throughout his lifetime by supernatural intervention from accidents, evil men and death. At the age of 12 he accepted Jesus as his Savior from sin. Thereafter, he looked forward to living in Heaven forever.

Due to this background and years of Bible study with fasting and prayer, he was not afraid when three angels appeared to him and took him in the power of the Spirit of God, on his first visit to Heaven. Then, over a period of about 40 years, God granted him the privilege of visiting Heaven often, not out of his body, but in the spirit just as men of the bible visited Heaven and the Throne of God. Dad compared with Scripture the things he saw and learned.

Through the years Dad told our family about the beauties and delights of Heaven and the glories of God's Throne. In the spring of 1985, God instructed that this Heaven message be made known to this generation. It's like our mother once said, "You've got to be heavenly-minded if you're going to be any earthly good."